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my name is Lamia Akar,

owner and operator of Buy Handmade Accessories and Lamia Design


 About Me

 In June  2001, I moved from Germany to New York City to work for a German Broadcasting Network.

  I started designing clothes using up recycled denim in 2006. I quickly transitioned to working with high quality Lambskin leather which lent itself beautifully to fabricating unique accessories.

My absolute favorite accessory to wear, all seasons, in New York is fingerless leather Gloves...

and I am not the only one!

This has become my primary vocation, and I have a lot of happy customers which makes me happy. 


What you should know about Lamia's Handmade Gloves:

Lambskin Gloves are flexible and very soft. Fit may be a little tight at first but will loosen up in less than 20 minutes of wear.

Eventually they will meld to your hand like a second skin. 

I also offer custom orders and

Wedding Gloves! 

Interested in Gloves but need a different size or want another color ... no problem, I make it .

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